Have you ever thought of these children and how lucky you are because you’re not one of them? Begging for food, no shelter to live in, no parents to take care of them, no family, taking life so hard and seriously, earning for a living at their young age. While there you are, just sitting there having a happy, luxurious life with nothing much to think about yet you still have the guts to complain about the little things just because things didn’t work out the way you want them to be. Most of the times you question God about all your dilemmas. You’re being too selfish and proud. You gallivant and waste time and money not thinking about the other six billion people out there and how much your parents have been working so hard since day one just to give you what you need and want. You want this and that and all and yet sometimes when you have them, you still don’t have any little appreciation and contentment. Have you thought of how lucky you are?

Source: zairadiana